Selection & entrance exam

As there are typically more applicants than available spots for a program, a selection process is necessary to fairly determine who will be admitted. Merit points may be awarded during the selection process, and it’s those applicants with the highest merit points who are admitted to a program.



The selection process consists of two main components:

Upper Secondary School grades:
Admission Test

Upper Secondary School grades:

The admission test is the component of the selection process that awards the highest number of merit points. Here you can read what special prerequisites each education has.


Points are calculated as follows:

A = 4 points
B = 3 points
C = 2 point
D = 1 point
E = 0 points


Please note that no merit points are awarded for the Site Manager Program based on Upper Secondary School grades.


Admission Test
Important info to increase your chances of starting to study at Nackademin.


The entrance exam is the part of the selection process that gives the highest merit points. We therefore recommend everyone to write the entrance exam to accumulate merit points and increase their chances of being admitted. Without writing the entrance exam, it is difficult to be admitted to an education.


Please note that you cannot qualify or be admitted to a program by writing the entrance exam, but it is only an opportunity to collect important credit points.


You will receive an invitation to the admission test on (where you submitted your application). The invitation is titled “Admission Test – 2024 (Nackademin).” At the bottom of the invitation, there is a blue text that says “Register here”, click on the link to register for a test session. You only need to take the test once regardless of how many programs you have applied to.


Content of the Admission Test:

  • Analytical solving skills
  • Problem solving skills


Time and Date
Various test sessions are available within the invitation. The test takes approximately 60 minutes and will be sent at 09:00 on the test day.


Accessing the Test
The test will be available on (where you submitted your application) under the “My messages” tab.


There’s nothing specific you can study or prepare for ahead of the test. Nackademin does not provide previous tests or preparatory materials.


Location and Equipment
The test is conducted online, so you’ll need access to a computer with a stable internet connection. It’s important to be in a quiet and calm environment during the test.


If you have taken the admission test before:
Regardless of past attempts, you are required to take the admission test again.


Test results
Due to high demand, we are unable to provide test results. If you’re still curious about your test results in August, feel free to contact admissions at


Need for extended writing time
If you have a disability or other condition that affects testing and you need more time to write, please email well in advance of the test. You must provide certification and indicate which admission test you have registered for. Therefore, you must first register for a test session before contacting us.