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Privacy Policy


Nackademin strives for a high level of security in our data protection work, where we value your personal privacy In this privacy policy, we describe how we collect and store your personal data.


Handling of Personal Data


What kind of personal data does Nackademin handle?
Nackademin handles personal data about students, educators, and contacts within the business community.


What legal foundation does Nackademin use to process personal data?

  • All information handled in accordance with Swedish/EU law to fulfill a legal obligation is processed with the support of clause 6.1.c (Legal obligation). This correlates with proposition 2017:49. However, we still inform affected parties about the processing/storage of such data.
  • All information handled in accordance with Swedish/EU law to fulfill a legal obligation is processed with the support of clause 6.1.c (Legal obligation).
  • Regarding data used for marketing or informational purposes that do not pertain to the organization and operation of vocational college education, clause 6.1.a (Consent) is primarily used.
  • Data required to fulfill contracts, such as employment contracts or consultancy agreements, are handled in accordance with clause 6.1.b (Contract with the data subject).
  • Balancing of interests according to clause 6.1.f is used before collecting consent.

How does Nackademin obtain consent?
A small part of Nackademin’s handling of personal data is based solely on consent, as the data is primarily processed as part of official authority. However, we provide clear information on how we will handle all personal data when processing/storage of such data begins, as well as information on how to request deletion/correction. Information about this is provided in each system used to obtain consent and store data.


Emails sent to Nackademin may be stored if deemed necessary for us to carry out our official authority and conduct our operations. Nackademin processes personal data in emails in accordance with applicable legislation.


Who is responsible for data protection issues at Nackademin?
The person responsible for data protection at Nackademin is Nackademin’s CIO.


How can I access the data stored about me and request any corrections/deletions?Personal data-related matters should be sent to personuppgifter@nackademin.se


Handling of Personal Data on www.nackademin.se


What data do we store on nackademin.se?

Collection of personal data occurs on our website when you, as a visitor, make an expression of interest, fill in a contact form, sign up for our newsletters, express interest in an industry day, or book a course session.


The personal data collected may include:
Personal and contact information, such as name, address, telephone number, email address, company name, and position/title if you represent a company.


The data we collect is stored in a database on our website and in a database in the program we use for email distribution. When booking a course session, you also need to provide a billing address, which is then stored in a database on our website and in our invoicing system.


Purposes of collection at Nackademin?


We collect this data so that we can contact you regarding your matter and provide you with the information you requested. We also want to provide you with customized information about news, education, education areas, and invitations to various events that may be interesting and relevant to you.


Period for which the data is stored on nackademin.se
We store your data for up to 3 years.


Responsible company receiving the personal data on nackademin.se
Nackademin AB (556616 – 6475), Tomtebodavägen 3A, 171 65 Solna


Handling of personal data via expressions of interest and newsletters


If you make an expression of interest or sign up for our newsletters, you consent to Nackademin sending digital communications to you in the form of newsletters, invitations, and other important information that may interest you.


You have voluntarily provided personal data in doing so, and you have the right at any time to request an extract of the register from Nackademin in order to verify which information is registered about you.


Nackademin is also obliged, upon your request, to correct registered data that is incorrect, incomplete, or misleading. Nackademin guarantees that the personal data you provide in an expression of interest or newsletter registration will not be disclosed to a third party.


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